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The last few days.... - keeping in touch
The Final Fifteen
The last few days....
 have been quite good actually. :)

Had my interview for H&M on Friday, and as far as I could tell it went quite well *fingers crossed*. I bought a very stylish outfit especially for the interview, it wasn't very me, but it worked, and then i took it back the day after! HAHA! It was with a woman called Joe and a man called Liam. I kinda recognised Liam, but didn't think anything of it, until Joe took a look at my application form.....

Joe:    It says here you're a cabaret artist... what does that entail? Singing? Dancing?

Liam: OH. MY. GOD.

Joe:    What?

LIAM:  She's not just a cabaret artist, (turning to me) You're that Drag King... Helga, aren't you?! I knew I recognised you!

I was like OH THE FAME! lol. 

I did make sure that I changed the subject quickly back to the interview and then waited until afterwards to answer any questions on the Drag. I thought it would be best :)

Friday night..... well that was fun!

Actually, I had a great night. Me, Catey, Kyle and Lee went to the Bank Bar. It was great until Kyle and Lee had a HUGE argument. But apart from that it was great. Got a taxi home with Catey and spent most of the night with her and Billy (Miss Rory's Boyfriend who is absolutely adorable!) when I wasn't ensuring that Kyle and Lee weren't killing eachother. Eddie mad me meet up with a work colleague of his (who is gay) and her friend who has just moved up here and hasn't explored the gay scene yet, and bless her she was so shy! I dragged her up on the stage and made her dance LOL. I also tried to make Billy dance, he said he wasn't drunk enough,  I think Catey was a bit annyoed at Aaron though. Apparently he went home with a Rent Boy, when he was supposed to be sharing a taxi with Catey. I ended up sharing the taxi (partly because I couldn't go back to Kyle's after their argument and partly because I didn't want Catey to spend twenty pound on a taxi). Got a mint picture of me, Catey, and Billy though......

Mortal or what!? LOL (and freezing in my Kaftan!)

Had work yesterday. That was fun! LOL, NOT! But I bought new things for my Drag..... a Trillby hat, a sailor hat, a pair of Men's Y Fronts, and nipple tassles. which Miss Rory got a hold of when I went to visit him in Debenams (where he works during the day as a makeup artist). I walked in with my Ann Summers bag and was accosted straight away. 

Dan(Miss Rory) :   OOh! What you been buying in Ann Summers? Lesbian Love eggs?!  at the top of his voice taking the bag from me and rummaging, picking out the nipple tassles and screaming. OH MY GOD NIPPLE TASSLES! EVERYONE LOOK! A LESBIAN IN LEOPARD PRINT WITH NIPPLE TASSLES! then proceeded to show all of his work colleagues, proclaiming that I was a lesbian and that I had been to Ann Summers.

I was rather embarassed. lol. but it was fun anyway.

Today, I've been working again. I am beginning to really despise Pradamark. There were few members of staff in today and we had a stack of Faulty goods to destroy which of course was put on me. Then a huge queue built up so I went around the front to serve, and was shouted at by my first customer, because of course it's MY fault that none of the Primarks in the UK put Hygeine strips on their underwear so you can't return them. But then, we had a bit of excitement. A girl on Lingerie decided that she was going to attack another member of staff and was dragged kicking and screaming in to the office. That was fun. I saw everything so I had all the gays asking me for the gossip. 

so I think that's been my weekend.... Oh and I'm Very Excited for Eurovision!



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