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the past week or two.... - keeping in touch
The Final Fifteen
the past week or two....

That past week or two.... hmmm well let's think.... they've been great actually.

Lib's back, as you know, which is nice. I can feel happy again. Not that I can't feel happyw hen she's not here, just sometimes I feel a bit guilty for having too good a time when she's not with me. Stupid? Maybe. In love? Definitely.

We've had a good week. It's been busy, and drunken, but good lol. 

We were out last Tuesday night, we took Dean Howeth to the Bank. LOL. For a straight, who only knows one gay (which happens to be me) to go to the campest bar on the scene, it was great. I told Miss Kitty (who wasn't 
Miss Kityt at the time, he was Kevin) that he was straight and it was his first (and probably only) night out on the scene and he was coming on to him over the mic all ngith and then he and Ophelia (who was Gary that night) sang Quando to him LOL. Despite the fact that it reitterated how much I dislike the man, it was a good ngiht anyway. He just started going on about how depressed he was because he missed Maxine. I mean, COME ON! It's been bloody six years!

Anyway, Lib and I also went out on Friday night, which was fabulous. We drank with Mark (AnnaMossity), his flat mate Rob (who is THE campest man in history and should be going out with Mark) and Billy (Miss Rory's Boyfriend) and for a time Melvyn (Miss Frenchy Kiss). Apart from the initial hiccup of Miss Rory's CDs being stolen (which is his own fault really, he should've had them locked up in the safe) and him being in a foul mood all night, we had a good laugh with the boys. When it came to ringing a taxi we couldn't get through, so we decided at about one that we'd walk to central station and get one there, no taxis were to be seen. We finally got through to blue line and had to wait like forty minute in the snow and cold for it to arrive. Oh well. It was a good night either way, and it gave Libby her FIRST NewcastleGay.co.uk gallery photo!....

Mark, Lib, Me, Billy and Rob

There will be plenty more where that came from especially as Saturday holds a fabulous camp night which I will tell you about later.

Sunday afternoon/night was fabulous. The Bank Bar's famous Cabaret days/nights were in swing with the Easter Eggstravaganza.
I went alone, knowing I'd know everyone anyway, and saw Tara Camp and Gail Force do a fabulous rendition of I will Follow Him, Tara in a full Nun's outfit looking quite holy and then Gail turning up in a PVC mini Nun's outfit, taking poppers n stage etc, some things never change (even when you're awaiting a court case for rape).
Then Lib texted to say she was on her way so I went to meet her at Central and we came back and saw Miss Kitty do New York New York in her fabulous red, white, and blue feather harness and head-dress.

Not from Sunday but the same number. It's good to see she's dressing down!

Then, came the disaster that was Sushe. Yes, the Drag Queen that came first over me in Drag Idol. Well Sunday ngiht was NOT her night. Her CD didn't work in the CD player, so she ended up just singing songs from the karaoke for her performance. Hah, oh well. LOL *Not bitter at all* lol.
Then... it was 'play your Cards Right', with a jackpot of £200 cash! yes! and guess who won it, on a total fluke, and was totally pissed when he got there.... Yes it was Billy! (Miss Rory's Boyfriend) lol. He never dances, and yet he danced, and kept telling us that he was suffering with Sausage Roll burps..... niiice. Oh well, all men are men, even gay ones. LOL. He also tried to get us drunk, giving us drinks, and having collin top them up with doubles lol. Wasn't complaining, but I was more drunk than I should've been after a few which were downed pretty quickly in the idea that we had to go home.

Anyway... so, I'm out tonight which should be ok. Lib's not coming, but I'm going with Kyle and Lee and staying over afterwards. We're gonna play on the Wii and then go to bank for karaoke etc etc. 

And.... *drum roll please*.....

Guess who's at the Powerhouse on Saturday???



Yes I'm going to see the Vengaboys, with Lib, possible Catey, Billy, Mark, Melvyn, Rob, Dan, and loads of people from work. It should be fabulous and I'm dressing as a sailor. *nods* Pictures will no doubt follow!

Anyway that's all I have to say at present, I apologise for cluttering your FP with crap that you probably won't read but there you go, my life recently in a few pictures and an oversized LJ entry.




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libertinequeen From: libertinequeen Date: March 26th, 2008 05:15 pm (UTC) (Link)
i love your oversize lj enteries....make me smile :)
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